Grassfed Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s excellent weather conditions and highly fertile lands provide an ideal location for grassfed practices. Our tropical climate allows us to have fresh, green pastures throughout the year. If the summer or winter became too intense, we are able to provide dried pastures to our cattle, gathered within our farm during more abundant times.

It is important to note that farming in Puerto Rico is highly widespread. However, the grassfed concept, which is based on a diet free of grains or foods containing grains (such as chicken manure, for example), is not followed by all farms.

The majority of the beef available in Puerto Rico comes from grain fed or grain terminated sources. Both sources are used when the goal is to quickly fatten the cattle and produce beef in less time.

CaboRojo Steaks is one of the propellers of the “GrassFed PR” initiative, joining the Puerto Rico Beef Cattle Industry Development Fund (FFICRPR), the Universidad de Puerto Rico and the Department of Agriculture, under guidance from the the USDA.

Additionally, the Grassfed PR initiative incorporates practices which promote high-quality beef through:

Electronic identification of the cattle


Tick erradication program



Constant genetic improvement of the cattle

Providencia Ranch + CaboRojo Steaks = Grassfed!!

Raising our cattle grassfed throughout their entire lives allows nature to work its ways, helping the animals reach their full weight under healthy conditions. By applying these practices, CaboRojo Steaks avoids pushing the cattle’s bodies to fatten faster by eating grains, an approach which may be faster, but brings along many illnesses.

The healthy diet of the cattle together with the humane treatment they are handled with in our farm, allows us to provide our customers the healthiest and tastiest beef in the Caribbean. Additionally, we guarantee a product with a high CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) content, an excellent Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio, non-GMO, free of growth hormones and systematic use of antibiotics.