Who we are?

CaboRojo Steaks is dedicated to making grass-fed beef accessible. All cattle raised in our farms is 100% grass-fed, naturally raised in Puerto Rico and coming from excellent breeds. Our practices are based on standards and processes which guarantee a fresh, wholesome, high-quality product which is most importantly -- healthy! Our cattle is fed only with grass, without using grains or any other additions. They do not receive any hormonal supplements  and are never treated with antibiotics. Our main source is Providencia Ranch, located on the beautiful and fertile lands of Cabo Rojo, deep in the southwest of Puerto Rico. We get to know our cattle the moment they are born in the ranch, and play an active role in their development until they reach you, ensuring the highest of quality standards. The product we are able to provide is so fresh that in all cases it has been frozen just one time, you will never get a re-frozen product from us.

Providencia Ranch

You can find our ranch in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico’s southwestern traditional cattle and farming area…also well-known for its beautiful Caribbean Sea beaches. This region is filled with large stretches of land with perfect cattle-raising conditions. Its soil allows the right types of pasture to grow abundantly, with which we feed our cattle.


All cattle raised in our farms come from the most suitable breeds for producing beef in our climate. The Senepol breed is considered the base of Finca Providencia Ranch, where we also work with Charolais and Brangus cattle. All three breeds contain high genetic quality and are excellent sources for meat production. This combination, together with the care and dedication we put into our work, allows us to provide our customers beef which is high in nutrients, very low in fat, and tender to the palate.

How cattle is raised in Providencia Ranch?

We raise our cattle following the best practices in the field, which allow the cattle to grow in a healthy environment, on the green, open pastures where they lead a happy and relaxed life while being cared for by our friendly staff. As a result, our product becomes an excellent nutritional source: high in Omega-3, low in Omega-6 and cholesterol, and with a very tender texture. This is the result of 100% grass-fed cattle which receives all the needed care to grow as healthy as possible.

Product Traceability

You will have access to abundant information about that delicious beef in your shopping bag: we keep a strict archive of our entire cattle.

Who were their parents? How old is the cattle? The cattle’s life history is individually registered thanks to the ruminal bolus technology, a ceramic capsule containing an RFID chip to identify each cattle member. How much time has gone by since the beef cut has been packaged until it reaches your plate? We want to guarantee the origins of our product and the freshness of our cuts!


The Freshest meats in Puerto Rico

Our beef cuts are freshly vacuum-packed. After packaging is complete, we store them under carefully-regulated temperatures to perform a wet-aging process. Our labels indicate the freeze-by date, so that you know when you should bring the product into freezer temperatures. This way we can guarantee the level of freshness you’re expecting! As an exception, we freeze our ground- and burger beef patties immediately after packaging.

Our Partners & Collaborations

  • Finca Montaña - UPR (University of Puerto Rico)

  • CITAi - UPR

  • Fondo para el Fomento de la Industria de la Carne de Res de Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico Agriculture Department


  • Puerto Rico Land Authority

  • Farm Service Agency

  • Jose Ruiz - Photography

  • GanaCoop